Deerfield River Fishing Report


Updated 05/15/2020

Best time of day to fish: Morning/Late Day

Best stretch: Charlemont, and Florida, from the Charlemont boat ramp to Fife Dam.

Best access point:

Florida to Shelburne: From Greenfield, just follow the river along Rte 2 to the many public access areas that also lead to productive fly fishing waters. Once into Charlemont, follow the river along Zoar Road then River Road to additional access and the two Deerfield River Fly Fishing Catch and Release Sections.

Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:     Stoneflies, Caddis (spotty), Minnows

Fish species: Trout

Fishing season: Spring

Nearest airport: Bradley International and Albany International

Recommended fly fishing leader: 9 Foot Leader

Recommended fly fishing tippet: 4x or 5x Orvis Mirage

Best fly fishing rod: 9′ 5 Weight Fly Rod

Best floating fly line: WF Trout Fly Line

Best sinking fly line: Class V Sink Tip Fly Line or Hydros HD Depth Charge

Fly Shop:
97 Main Street, Charlemont, MA

Report from Overwatch Outpost:

Deerfield River Fly Fishing Report May 13-15th By Eliaah F
-Charlemont/1,020 ft3/s
-W Deerfield/817 ft3/s
-Fife, Florida/1500+ ft3/s
-Mayfly (hendricksons) PRIMARY HATCH
Females have dull brown bodies with lighter colored legs and wings of brown or brownish gray. Males, slightly smaller in Size, have more Reddish-brown bodies, lighter colored legs, and darker wings, tending toward a slate gray
-Reports of Spotty Caddis Hatches Throughout Warmer Areas.
Hot Flys Right now: DRY
-Traditional Mayfly Dun -Parachute Adams -Royal Coachmen -Klinkhammer
-Game Changer (Olive/Red)
-Articulated Sculpin
-Black Leach
-Black and Blue Wooly Bugger
Spring fishing on the Deerfield River is coming into full swing, and the river is crawling with insects and trout. With multiple mayfly hatches coming into effect and both water and air temperatures rising, we see trout rising as well. If you want to capitalize on a strong dry fly bite, you will have two main time frames: Sunrise to approximately 9:30 am, and 4:15 PM to Sunset. That’s not to say you won’t see fish rising throughout the day, but these two time frames are when the vast majority of insects are out and trout are actively pursuing surface targets.
This provides an amazing opportunity to observe fish feeding naturally and study their current feeding pattern. With that being said I strongly urge you to observe the water for a good 5 minutes before you begin fishing a spot, especially if there are fish actively feeding.
Watch how the fish are eating and how insects are drifting and landing on the water. That way you will be able to provide the most natural presentation to the current condition.
If you’re looking to get down deep and get on some larger fish, Big Olive attractor patterns will always shine, due to the massive 1 lb and under smallmouth population. Larger, more carnivorous fish will target these smallmouth, especially in the springtime during the smallmouth spawn. Dace and sucker fry are also active and fish are feeding on both, resulting in minnow style flies excelling. Fishing will continue to get better with more hatches coming and we hope to see you on the water soon!

If you would like to book a guide, give us a call at 413-339-8800. We offer great rates for drift trips and wading trips, with top notch Orvis equipment!

River Report:

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