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Firearms and Items of Interest

Here you will find some of our  firearms and other items of interest.

Check back often, as these can change frequently

Firearms, Ammunition and other regulated items can not be shipped, and are available for purchase ONLY at our store. 


S&W M&P 45 (used)

.45 ACP


Ruger Mini-14 in .300 BLK


Nylon 66

Remington Nylon 66 .22LR


General Motors Inland Div.

General Motors Inland Div.

1944 M1 Carbine .30 carbine


Mini 14 ranch

Pre-Ban Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Model

.223 cal  like new!


M1 Garand

Springfield Armory M1 Garand (Blue Sky)


Sig 938 Nitron

Sig Sauer

P 938 Nitron


Sig Scorpion 9mm

Sig Sauer

P 938 “Scorpion”


Sig 9mm

Sig Sauer

P 239


Sig .45

Sig Sauer

1911 “Blackwood”

.45 ACP

.50 Cal S&W

Smith & Wesson


.50 Caliber Revolver

Ducks Unlimited Browning image

Ducks Unlimited 

Browning BPS 12 Gauge




THOMPSON Model 1927 A1

With Pre-Ban 30 Round Surplus Mag!